HSN Code list for GST in India

GST HSN code is for all services in India. Even there is SAC code for GST in India. Therefore it is better if you know about HSN code and rates under new GST tax. But first let us understand what is HSN code and what is use of GST HSN code.

HSN code meaning

HSN code is short form for Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding System. Authorities also call it as Harmonized System of Nomenclature or HSN. And main aim of HSN is that it is multi purpose international product nomenclature.

This helps in GST invoices which in turn is useful to normal people. In addition World Customs Organisation developed HSN system.

Importance of HSN codes for GST services

All businesses must declare goods they are dealing. As these goods have HSN codes it becomes easy to select tax rate under GST taxes. Thus you carefully select HSN code when registering for GST. It is also important during GST enrollment.

How should I use HSN codes?

It is simple to use HSN codes. However you should know a few things about GST HSN code and rate. First according to GST there are three types of HSN codes. While first is two digit, four digit or eight digit HSN code for various commodities. Even idea of GST return filing will be helpful in future.

Further use of HSN code depends on turnover of dealer. Here turnover is of previous financial year. Below you check what law says about HSN codes –

  • Dealers who have annual turnover of less than 1.5 crore rupees do not use HSN codes even when filing returns or creating invoices
  • If annual turnover of dealer is between Rs. 1.5 and Rs. 5 crore then you use two digit HSN code for GST invoices and filing returns
  • When your turnover is Rs. 5 crore or above than that then you use four digit HSN code for GST invoice
  • Finally you use eight digit HSN code for either import or export of goods. It is so because goods with HSN codes must match international invoice standards

List of HSN code under GST in India

You will be able to find complete list of HSN codes and rate under Goods and Services Tax in India. This GST HSN code list will be helpful to you in many ways. As you find GST HSN code for medicine, computer, textiles, mobile phone, readymade garments etc.

HSN code list for GST in India for GST enrolment or registration purposes will help you with generating tax invoices as well. Moreover as you know GST has different tax slab rates. While these rates are 5%, 12%, 18% and 28% respectively. So HSN codes apply according to annual turnover of company and tax will be as per tax slab.

If you want to know more details on GST rates & HSN codes with chapter wise. Please check below table

Chapter 1 Live Animals, Bovine & Poultry
Chapter 2 Meat and Edible Meat offal
Chapter 3 Fish Meat & Fillets
Chapter 4 Eggs, Honey & Milk
Chapter 5 Animal Products of Nn Edible
Chapter 6 Live Trees & Plants
Chapter 7 Vegetables
Chapter 8 Dry Fruits & Fruits
Chapter 9 Tea, Coffee and Spices
Chapter 10 Cereals
Chapter 11 Products of Milling Industry
Chapter 12 Oil Seeds, Fruit and Parts of plants
Chapter 13 Resins, Gums, Vegetable Saps & Extracts
Chapter 14 Vegetable Material & Products
Chapter 15 Fats, Oils, Waxes & their Fractions
Chapter 16 Preparation and preserved food items
Chapter 17 Sugar, Honey, Jaggery and Bubble Gums
Chapter 18 Chocolate & Cocoa Products
Chapter 19 Pizza, Cake, Pasta, Bread & Waffles
Chapter 20 Juices, ketchup and Jam
Chapter 21 Miscellaneous preps
Chapter 22 Beverages, Spirits and Vinegar
Chapter 23 Meals, Flours & Pellets
Chapter 24 Tobacco and Tobacco Substitutes

Thus it helps in easy payment of taxes. You can also know about GST invoice format and its rules.

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