How to apply for GST registration in India 2017

Checking GST registration procedure in India is a simple process. It is so because there is official GST registration portal that you check. Moreover registration process under GST is so simple that every person can easily check it. Finally it is better that you follow GST registration process for new business in India also. If you registered before then you know how to check GST registration number also.

Importance of GST registration in India

GST registration online is very important. As because of this there are many benefits. First benefit of GST registration online process is that you get input tax credit. Second many taxes come together as one tax in India.

When you pay all your taxes in time then there will be no problem for you at the end. Or even tax authorities do not question you. You can also know about enrollment process for GST tax.

How do I register for GST at GST registration portal?

You follow very simple steps in GST registration process. However you keep it in mind that complete process be correct. Therefore to help you here we gave full list of GST registration process in India. Besides this article is only guide to Goods and Services Tax in India.

GST registration process in India

  • First you log on to GST online portal
  • Second you fill Form Part A that is PAN number, mobile number and email ID
  • Third GST portal checks all entered details
  • While verification process is through email or OTP (One Time Password)
  • Fourth you get Application Reference Number (ARN)
  • Here you can get ARN through email or registered phone number
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  • Fifth step is to fill Form Part B
  • However you remember that Form B is available only after you get ARN number
  • Sixth step is when you upload all documents
  • Finally these documents depend on business type
  • Therefore different businesses have different documents for GST registration

Further process for registration under new GST

  • After you submit all documents and required details
  • GST Officer will start checking all details in application form
  • It generally takes three working days for verification to complete
  • Whereas there are two cases in which you get GST Certificate

Case 1 to get GST registration certificate

As you know you submit Form Part A and Part B and other documents. Next GST Officers verify all details that you give. Moreover it takes three working days to check all details. And if all details are correct then GST Officer will approve your GST application.

Hence finally you get your Certificate of Registration in 7 working days. For this certificate of GST registration you provide all correct details only.

Case 2 to get certificate of registration

On other hand there are also some chances that GST Officer does not clear your application form. However it is only when you did not submit proper documents or complete documents. If this is the case then GST Officer asks you to submit some more documents.

You must also fill Form GST-REG-03. After this you give documents and GST-REG- 04 in 7 working days. If GST Officer approves all your documents then you get Certificate of Registration in 7 working days.

In case officer rejects GST application then applicant gets reply through Form GST-REG-05. Lastly you be very careful when selecting GST registration documents. As it affects complete process of GST Certificate of Registration. Even idea of GSTIN will be helpful. (content must be posted)


When you get GST Certificate of Registration, it is of GST-REG-06. Therefore you know about GST registration process.

Multiple GST registrations

It is possible to have multiple registrations under GST. However it is in some cases only. It means that when people have many businesses (verticals) in one state. And these people must get one registration for one business.

Thus you should not have one registration for many businesses. Moreover above stated process of checking GST registration in India helps you here. Even there are other rules for registration under GST.

Rules for registration under GST portal

You must give authorities your PAN card details. While PAN card details are necessary when you apply for GST registration. Whereas non resident people do not require PAN card. It is so because authorities allow them to submit other documents.

So it is better that you know more about tracking GST registration number. As it helps you with GST registration status check. Finally it is better that you follow procedure for GST registration to get GST registration number quickly.

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