Last date to file GST Returns extended to 28 August 2017

Government of India has already announced that all tax payers follow deadline to file Goods and Services Tax Returns or GSTR returns. It is so because if you do not follow GST guidelines then you may face problems. And here one of GST notifications is that Indian Government extended last date to file GSTR; whereas currently this extension of deadline is only for GSTR 1 and GSTR 3B.

Last date to file GST returns

Actually last date to file Goods and Services Tax Returns was 20 August however this due date is now extended till 28 August 2017. Therefore it is best if you can file GST before 28th August. In addition there are some more rules that you must know at this time. It is that this extension of filing GST returns is only for some tax payers.

Here these tax payers are the ones who use opening balance of pre GST credit in present month. On other hand for a few tax payers August 20 is only the last date to file GST returns. And it is for them who do not have credit or who do not claim opening credit in current month.

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If you go for extended deadline then authorities allow tax payers to file TRAN 1 form. While last date to file TRAN 1 happens to be 28 August 2017 only. You also should know that filing TRAN is mandatory in case you wish to claim opening credit. This rule is according to laws as well.

For filing TRAN or Transition Form you would have to go to GST portal only. As from there you will be able to file TRAN 1 form. After Government of India announced its decision on extending deadline for filing GST returns many people are happy.

The reason behind this is that they would get some more time to file GSTR online. In addition to this businesses must check opening credit also and they should do this some time before only. It is so because planning will help people and not lead them to trouble.

Things to remember

The Government of India along with Ministry of Finance clearly stated that there would be added interest of 18 % if people fail to settle liability. Thus it is necessary for you to check all aspects or things beforehand and not wait till the last moment.

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