How to file GSTR-5 filing?

GSTR-5 return must be file under GST as non-resident taxable persons. Non-resident taxable persons are those who supplier for short period in India. It undertakes transactions of goods or services. All Non-resident taxable persons get GST registration and file GSTR-5 returns. They will be allow to avail Input Tax Credit on IGST paid on imports. But, other taxpayer can take credit for supplies and filed in form GSTR-5.

What is GSTR-5?

Goods and Services Tax Return 5 is type of GST return.  Also, GSTR-5 is monthly return for non-resident taxpayer. GSTR -5 is file by Nonresident Tax Payer for period in which they do business transaction in India. You can file your return though online or from tax centre. Also, this document contains details of all inward and outward supplies. Thus return can be file through GST common Portal by allow person with GST provisions.

What is Due Date for filing return of GSTR-5?

Taxpayer requires filing return in form GSTR 5 for period which they have registered. This return is to file within 7 days after expiry of registration. And GSTR 5 return must be file every month on or before 20th day.  Also return file in month contain details of inward and outward supplies. This article helps you with GST enrolment process at GST portal.

Also, GST registration is for non-resident persons are provide with an expiry date. Hence, non-resident person need to file GSTR-5 before 7 days expiry of GST registration. Apart from this you can check GST new tax rates if you do not know.

To file GSTR-5

  • You have to be non-resident foreign taxpayer.
  • You need short-term registration under GST to carry out business in India.

Steps to file GSTR 5 form

  • To file Form GSTR 5 you first go to GST Common portal of official site
  • You may click on to go to official site
  • For log in use registered user ID and password
  • You can use GST software like LEDGERS to file returns
  • After you must be sign with digital signature of authorized signatory.


It is important to note that all non-resident people have to appoint an authorized person. Indian Resident is in charge for GST compliance. Such an authorize appoint for GST compliance can sigh and file GSTR-5 return.

What is penalty for late filing of GSTR-5?

GSTR-5 return must be file on or before 20th of each month. Unlike normal taxpayers, non-resident taxable persons are file only one return every month. For delay in filing GSTR-5 return, a penalty of Rs.100 per day can be levy up to Rs.5000, for each return filed late.

This can be do by Registrationwala. There are details of Outward and inward supplies. Basic need to follow like Interest, Tax, Penalty, fees. This can do within twenty days after end of tax period or last date of valid period of GST registration. See how to check active status of Aadhaar and PAN card

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