New GST tax rates before and after GST 2017


GST tax rate in India 2017 is different from earlier taxes. Moreover it is better that you check GST tax rates in India item wise list. It is so because you know GST tax rates slabs PDF also. In addition you know complete list of Goods and Services Tax rates India for services here.

GST tax rates item wise list

Below you find complete list of different GST rates for more than 1, 000 Goods and Services in India. You can now keep reading to know more about them. On other hand Government of India kept many things in 18 % tax rate bracket only.

Before you check new tax rates. You see GST registration rules and regulations. It is so because it helps you to register at official site successfully.

Total number of Goods and Services

There are many Goods and Services that the Indian Government divided in to various categories. Therefore you get total of 1, 211 items in different GST tax slabs rates. Below you check different products that come under these tax slab rates.

No tax or 0 % GST

There are many products and services that fall under 0 % tax slab rate. Hence it is better that you check below list. It is so because you know which Goods and Services are under which slab rate.

0 % tax slab products

Goods under 0 % tax of GST

Indian Government will not add tax on jute, milk, curd, natural honey, butter milk, fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, salt, besan, bindi, judicial papers, bread, printed books, picture, colouring or drawing books, kajal, bangles, prasad, sindoor, stamps, handloom.

Other goods are cereal grains hulled, newspapers, Palmyra jiggery, fresh meat, eggs, fish, chicken, bone meal, bone grist, horn meal, hoof meal, human hair.

0 % tax on Services

GST tax on rough as well as semi precious stones is 0. 25 %. In addition there is no tax on grandfathering services. Or even in case of hotels and lodges. While tariff for lodges and hotels must be below Rs. 1, 000.

5 % GST on Goods

Clothes below Rs. 1, 000, footwear below Rs. 500, branded paneer, frozen vegetables, packaged food items. Other products are rusk, coal, tea, coffee, cashew nut or cashew nut in shell, ice, snow, insulin, raisin, stamp post marks, revenue or postage stamps, bio gas, kites and first day covers.

Services under 5 % GST

Small restaurant, air and rail transport. These are services under 5 % Goods and Services Tax.

12 % GST on Goods

Products under 12 % GST are colouring books, picture books, diagnostic kits, reagents, spoons, ladles, forks, agarbatti, tooth powder, ghee, sewing machine. In addition other products are clothes above Rs 1, 000, frozen meat products, butter, cheese, exercise books, note books, dry fruits in packaged form.

Moreover there are some more products and these are animal fat, sausage, fruit juices, bhujia, namkeen, ayurvedic medicines, umbrella, cell phones, ketchup, sauces, skimmers, tongs, cake servers, fish knives, spectacles and board games.

On other hand you know more about how to file returns under new GST.

Services under 12 % GST

Non ac hotels, state run lotteries, business class air tickets are in 12 % category. In addition other work contracts is in 12 % GST tax slab rate.

18 % GST tax slab rate products

18 % new GST tax rates are applicable for following things. And these are insurance premiums, mobile charges, stationery plastics, perfumes, kitchenware plastic, kitchenware ceramic, kitchenware fly ash, kitchenware wood, footwear that is above Rs. 500, jam, baby food that you get in unit containers, corn flakes, biscuits below Rs. 100 per kilogram, biscuits above Rs. 100 per kilogram.

Services under 18 % GST

Telecom and IT services, branded clothes, ac hotels which serve liquor, restaurants in five star hotels. And finally room tariffs from Rs. 2, 500 to Rs. 7, 500.

Goods and services under 28 % GST tax rate

Finally there is 28 % tax rate on some other products. And these are X ray apparatus, cosmetics, wrist watch, not handmade musical instruments, digital cameras, luxury hotels. Apart from that there are other products also.

While these are home appliances, cement, motor cycles, small cars, large cars, television. So you know about these GST tax rates on goods.

Services under 28 % GST tax rate

Under this hotels that have tariffs more than Rs. 7, 500, cinema, state run private lotteries and five star hotels are there.

Thus you know about GST tax rates India. Moreover this list helps you to know GST tax rates on cars as well. On other hand there is 3 % tax on gold. Whereas 0. 25 % tax is on rough diamonds. Therefore you also know about GST tax rates on gold.

You also remember that gold and rough diamonds are not there in GST tax rates. This is reason for difference in taxes. Finally it is best if you check complete GST rates item wise list 2017. You also know about documents required for GST registration.

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