GSTR 11 -Inward Supplies statement for UIN

Government will process GST refunds. All persons need GST UIN to file quarterly GSTR-11 return. Based on GSTR-11 return filing. Thus, UIN holders will not allow adding or modifying any details in GSTR-11. But auto populated information from GSTR-1 file can be verify by GST UIN holder. GSTR-11 will settle from GSTR-1.

Key point for GSTR 11

GSTR 11 has to file by everyone. Who has issue Unique Identity Number under GST?  And you can claim refund of taxes pay on inward supplies. GSTR 11 to contain details of purchases made for use to get tax credit. Unique Identity Number is give by persons holding UIN. There is no provision for revise returns.  But rectification of errors allow up to certain period.

Date of filing of GSTR 11

This return needs to give details by 28th of next month. You must give details of such supplies of taxable good and services in Form GSTR-11. These bodies have UIN (Unique Identification Number). And hence will give details of inward supplies. Learn how to file GST returns online in simple manner

What is GST Unique Identity Number (UIN)

Any agencies register of United Nations Organization notified under United Nation Act, 1947. Unique Identification Number is embassy of foreign countries. GST Unique ID can allot by GST authorities. In this article, you look at GST Unique ID in details. Hence, GST Unique ID is allotted only certain persons notified in GST Act.

GST Unique ID are different forms of identification under GST. And GST Unique Identity Number is use for claim GST refund as notified by GST authorities. Also, GST UIN can make in Form GST REG-13 on GST common Portal  This form will contain the following details:

Data to be file under this GSTR 11 form

  • Name of government entity
  • UIN
  • Period
  • All inward purchases from GST register supplier will be auto-populated

As per above details, tax refund will made. GSTR-11 form has to file on 28th of month for which supply will receive. Also learn about last date to link PAN and Aadhaar card online . Apart from check how to file GST Return Online in India.

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