GST Rate for Photographic Goods and Cinematographic Chapter-37

GST Rate & HSN Code for Photographic & Cinematographic Films – Chapter 37 and you need to be aware of GST rates and HSN codes on paperboard, photographic plates and film strips which provide information. Check for HSN code of photography and you need to list out all the codes of HSN gst

HSN codes 3705 are categorized under cinematographic and product of photographic plates and film exposed under this code and this is so far to be finalised. You need to read about Rate of GST on Cereals in India. 

12% of GST RATE

  • GST HSN Code 3701 photography GST HSN chapter code 3701 Photographic plates and film for x-ray for medical use falls under this category.
  • GST HSN code 3705 Photographic plates and films including cinematographic film
  • GST HSN code 3706 Photographic plates and films which exposes and develops. Here it consists of only of sound track.

Films are certified by central board of certification, news rolls and pieces and short films. However, children’s films are also certified by central board of film certification to be “children’s Film”.


  • GST HSN Code 3701 photographic plate and film in flat, paper board of textiles, instant print film in flat.
  • GST HSN code 3702 photographic film rolls, sensitised.
  • GST HSN code 3703 photographic paper, paperboard and textiles and unexposed.
  • GST HSN code 3704 photographic plates, film, paper, paperboard and textiles are exposed but not yet developed
  • GST HSN code 3706 cinematographic film, which exposes and develops which contain only sound track.
  • GST HSN code 3707 these can have chemical preparations on photographic uses.

GST tariff in India is designed in 6 categories of goods and services. Four main GST rate slabs bordered with essential goods. You can find essential goods and services which attracts rate of GST.

Finally, check what service tax rates on photography. Moreover, follow photography services in India. Hence, for more details you need to learn GST on photographic services in India. However check for GST rate on live animals.

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