GST enrolment of existing tax payer having Provisional ID, password

Enrolment of existing tax payer is simple process. And if you have provisional ID and password then it becomes easy for you to apply for GST number in India. Besides you know how to enrol for GST from service tax. You can check GST new user log in options also.

Case 1: in GST enrolment process

If you are already a tax payer and have registration according to Service Tax, Excise and State Tax Laws. While these are VAT, Luxury Tax, Entry Tax and Entertainment Tax. Moreover you received email or SMS about Provisional ID and password. Then it is better that you follow below steps.

You should also remember that all tax payers will get Provisional ID and password. In case you do not have these then you will also get them. In next step you create one user name and password. For this you use provisional ID as well as password. Finally you create user name at official GST common portal. Know more about New GST tax rates before and after GST 2017.

How to enrol for GST at GST portal

  • First you go to GST online portal
  • And to go there you click on following link –
  • Second you click on Log in tab
  • Third you click ‘here’ link if you are first time registering at official site
  • You click on ‘First time log in: if you are logging in for first time, click here to log in’
  • Fourth you enter provisional ID
  • Fifth type password
  • Sixth you enter characters in field from image
  • Finally you click ‘log in’ button
  • After this you enter email ID
  • And then enter phone number to receive OTP or one time password
  • Finally click on continue


If you do not get provisional ID and password then you speak to State VAT Department. However if you have user name then you click ‘here’ to log in directly. Further you get two OTPs which you cannot share with any person. You receive OTP on email ID and SMS. At times you get OTP in spam folder also.

How to get Provisional ID for GST

If your question is how to get Provisional ID for GST registration then here you get one simple answer. It is so because there are two ways to get Provisional ID. One is manual method and other one is online method. You keep reading to know more about both these methods.

Online method to get Provisional ID for Goods and Services Tax registration

  • First you send email to official email ID from your registered email ID
  • You send email to
  • Second subject must be as follows ‘PID required to migrate to GST’
  • Thirdly you must specify your Service Tax or the Excise R C Number or even multiple Excise R C or Service Tax numbers
  • Finally you can mention other problems that you face when you migrate or move from exiting taxes to GST

Manual method to get Provisional ID for GST registration

For getting Provisional ID for registration under GST. You must go to ST / VAT Department. Here you ask authorities to get Provisional ID. In addition it is easy to get Provisional ID offline or manually.

Further process of enrolling at GST official website

  • Later you enter email OTP in email OTP field
  • You also enter mobile OTP in mobile OTP field
  • Click continue after that


Remember validity of OTP is 10 minutes. In case you did not receive OTP then click on resend OTP. In addition know about documents for GST registration. (content to be posted)

New user name page

  • User name must have 8 to 15 characters
  • It consists of alphabets, special characters (. dot, – hyphen or _ underscore) and numbers
  • Password should also be of 8 to 15 characters with minimum one alphabet, one upper and one lower case letter, one number and one special character
  • Never save password in system or browser
  • After you enter all details you re-enter password
  • And click on continue


You answer five questions. Moreover you must answer all questions. Later you click on submit button.

When you receive message of user name and password changed successfully. Then you again log in. To log in you enter user name, password, captcha code (image code) and click log in.

GST welcome page dashboard

Once you log in you at GST enrolment portal you check welcome page and dashboard. On this page there are eight different tabs. While these tabs are Business Details, Authorized Signatory, Promoter or Partners, Principal Place of Business, Goods and Services, Additional Place of Business, Bank Accounts and Verification.

According to requirements you can select tab and fill required details. In this way you fill all details. However for this you must check another article. As we gave complete step by step process of filling tabs. You also have idea of how to formally enrol at GST official website. Finally have idea of GSTIN.

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