How to check if Aadhaar and PAN numbers are active or not

Government of India is telling all people to link their Aadhaar and PAN cards soon. Income Tax Department authorities had extended last date to link Aadhar and PAN numbers. Even linking of PAN and Aadhar number helps all tax payers especially when they file tax returns. Besides authorities deactivated some of the Aadhaar and PAN cards numbers. So you keep reading to know if your Aadhaar, PAN number is in active mode or not.

Check status of Aadhaar, PAN card numbers

As we already told you it is mandatory for all to link PAN Aadhar card. And last date to link both these cards is 31 August 2017. It is so because when you file ITR you must quote Aadhaar number. Your unique identity number or Aadhaar number is compulsory for PAN card application.

In case you do not know how to link Aadhaar and PAN card then you can learn about it in another article. On other hand you check if your Aadhar card number is active or not besides status of PAN number.

Check PAN card active status

  • For this you first go to official site of e filing of Income Tax
  • To go there you click on –
  • At official site you see on left hand side ‘services’ column
  • From that column you click on ‘know your PAN’
  • After clicking that you go to another page
  • Here you enter details such as surname, middle and first name, status, gender, date of birth or incorporation and mobile number
  • After entering all details click ‘submit’
  • You then receive OTP or one time password at registered mobile number
  • You then enter this number in given field before clicking ‘validate’ option
  • In next page you check PAN details
  • These details show whether your PAN number is active or not


In case there are multiple records for query entered then you must give some more information before clicking submit.

How to verify Aadhaar number

There is one more simple trick that you should use to verify your Aadhaar number. But for checking active status of Aadhar number you go to official site and link to official site is

Steps to check if Aadhaar is active or not

  • After going to official site you click ‘verify Aadhaar number’ under Aadhaar services
  • You then go to another page
  • Here you must enter 12 digit Aadhaar number
  • Then enter security code from image beside the box
  • Finally you click on ‘verify’ tab
  • In case your unique identity number is active then you get confirmation message

Points to remember:

While verifying Aadhaar number (if it is valid or deactivated) all fields that have red asterisk (*) should be filled. Second all letters in Aadhaar verification page are case sensitive. So when you are checking validity of Aadhaar and PAN numbers you see to it that all details are correct on the page.

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