What is GSTIN number registration format?

GST or Goods and Services Tax is important tax. It is so because GST replaced many other taxes in India. And Government of India along with GST Council and Finance Ministry of India came up with implementation of GST. Hence after July 1 GST came in to action. There are many things that you should know about GST. And one of them is GSTIN registration. Or even how to get GSTIN number.

How will GSTIN work?

How will GSTIN work is one question with every person. However before that you should understand what is GSTN and how it links to GSTIN. You can now continue reading to know more about these things.

Define GSTN

GSTN full form is GST Network Limited. It is also non government private limited company. Besides Central and State Governments promote this company. As GSTN takes care of implementation of GST. While Chairperson of GSTN is Navin Kumar.

What is GSTIN in GST taxes?

As you now know GST is applicable. Goods and Services Tax or GST is new system to pay taxes. In addition it is compulsory for you to move to new system soon. While to go to new system you must register for GST at official GST portal. As registering at GST official portal is mandatory.

GSTIN number

Registering at GST official website is compulsory because only after that you get your GSTIN number. Whereas GSTIN full form is Goods and Services Tax Identification Number. Moreover this number has 15 digits. And it is very important for every tax payer to get GSTIN number.

On other hand if you check all things then you see that GSTIN is same like TIN. As before there was TIN number that people got. However with implementation of GST, tax payers must migrate to GST. And when they move completely to GST they get GSTIN number.

This number is one identification number that they get. To get GSTIN number you must follow some steps. Below you find these steps.

How to apply for GSTIN

Now you easily get GSTIN number. However it is important that you follow proper rules and regulations. It is responsibility of government to give you GSTIN number. It is so because Goods and Services Tax payer Identification Number is PAN based 15 digit number.

Understand GST identification number format or GSTIN format

As you know there are 15 digits in GST identification number. In this number first 2 digits are state code. While next 10 digits are PAN number of tax payer. 13th digit of GSTIN is number of registration in state.

Whereas 14th digit is Z and it is by default only. Finally there is 15th digit. This last digit is check code. Hence you know about these GST identification number format. You also can know more about process for GST enrolment for existing tax payers. (did not post content)

Steps to get Goods and Services Tax Payer Identification Number

  • You first go to official site
  • And to go there you click https://www.gst.gov.in/ this link
  • After you go there you get one Provisional Certificate
  • Next you fill application form
  • Once authorities check all details you get GSTIN number

Points to remember

If you applied before only then you submit ARN number. While here ARN full form is Acknowledgement Registration Number. As in this way you download Provisional Registration Certificate.

In case you wish to download Provisional Registration Certificate then you go to Download Certificate link. Besides you find this link at official website only. In addition know what is difference between SGST, CGST and IGST taxes in India. (content to be posted)

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