HSN Code and GST Rate for Tobacco and Tobacco Substitutes

Chapter 24 of HSN code contains tobacco and manufactured tobacco substitutes. In this article, you look at HSN code and GST rate for tobacco and tobacco substitutes. However, chapter 24 of HSN code does not cover medicinal cigarettes (Chapter 30). Hence, check unmanufactured tobacco HSN code. And also see HSN code for Bidi.

GST rates on cigarettes, Tobacco, cheroots, tobacco products

For purposes of subheading 2403 11 water pipe tobacco means tobacco intended for smoking in water pipe. And it consists of mixture of tobacco and glycerol. It not contains aromatic oils and extracts molasses or sugar. And it is not flavor with fruit.

However, tobacco-free products intend for smoking in water pipe are exclude from this Sub-heading. Tobacco means any form of tobacco it is cured or uncured. And it includes leaf, stems and stalks of tobacco plant. But does not include any part of tobacco plant. Therefore cut tobacco means prepared or processed to cut size tobacco.

Similarly, blended or moisturized to extent for use in manufacture of machine rolled cigarettes. But, Smoking with pipes and cigarettes of HSN sub-heading 240310 does not cover Gutaka. Hence, find below HSN Code with Description of goods. And also see below GST slab rate with HSN code.

Tobacco and tobacco substitutes taxed at 5 % rate of GST

Therefore rate of GST for tobacco, cigarettes and other tobacco products. And it is expected to impose at high rate of tax. In addition, rate of GST on cigarettes, tobacco and other related products are charge 28% GST. Hence, check List of companies in excise free zones

Tobacco leaves [under reverse charge]

28 % rate of GST for Tobacco and Manufactured tobacco substitutes

All goods not specified elsewhere, other than birds. And tobacco not stemmed stripped is category by code 24011 under HSN.

Finally, you can see unmanufactured tobacco meaning. However, check GST on raw tobacco. But for better understand check HS code for tobacco products. Hence, you can check GST and HSN code for cigarette. And you can see Importance of HSN codes for GST services

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