HSN code and GST rate for Petrol, Diesel, Coal and Tar

HSN Code for petrol, diesel, coal, petroleum products and tar is provided under chapter 27 of HSN code. Most of petroleum products are proposed to be taxed at 18 per cent under GST. And also see Coal HSN code and GST rate. Hence, you can also check GST rate for petrol.

Introduction of Fossil Fuels: Coal and Petroleum

Coal is black hard rock in nature. It belongs to category of solid fossil fuels. Because of its explosion property. It consists of 65-95% carbon. But Coal is formed from remains of plants. Due to natural processed such as flooding these trees got buried under soil. Hence, find below list of HSN heading with GST slab.

 5 % rate of GST

Few other petroleum products will be taxed at low rate of five percent. These are kerosene, liquefied propane and butane mixture. In addition, like liquefied propane, liquefied butane and liquefied petroleum gas supply to house hold domestic consumers. At present, crude oil, natural gas, ATF, diesel and petrol are not in GST. Check Importance of GST registration in India

Coal; briquettes, ovoids and similar solid fuels manufactured from coal -HSN code 2701

Lignite, whether or not agglomerated, excluding jet – HSN code 2702

Peat (including peat litter) not agglomerated – HSN code 2703

Coke and semi coke of lignite of peat, not agglomerated, retort carbon -HSN code 2704

Tar distilled from coal, from lignite or from peat – HSN code 2706

Kerosene PDS

Coal gas, water gas, producer gas and similar gases, other than petroleum gases and other gaseous hydrocarbons – HSN code 2705

12% rate of GST


18 % rate of GST

All goods not specified elsewhere.  In Following is list of products place in this slab.

HSN code 2707 – Oils and other products of refining of high temperature coal tar. Such as Benzole (benzene), Toluole (toluene), Xylole (xylenes), Naphthelene

HSN code 2708 – Pitch and pitch coke, obtain from coal tar or from other mineral tars.

HSN code 2710 – Petroleum oils and oils obtain from bituminous minerals

HSN code 2711- Petroleum gases and other gaseous hydrocarbons. such as Propane, Butanes, Ethylene, propylene.

HSN code 2712 – Petroleum jelly, micro-crystalline petroleum, other mineral waxes. And similar products obtain by synthesis

HSN code 2713- Petroleum coke and other residues of petroleum oils get from bituminous minerals.

HSN code 2714 – Bitumen and asphalt, natural oil shale and tar sands. Like asphaltites and asphaltic rocks.

HSN code 2715 – Bituminous mixtures based on natural asphalt, Such as natural bitumen, petroleum bitumen.

28% rate of GST

Avgas – HSN code 2710

Finally, check GST rate on biomass briquettes. Moreover, see GST on Lignite. But for more information see GST on mineral powder. Hence, check rate of excise duty on lubricants. And also see rate of excise duty on oil. Therefore see How to file GST returns online in India

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