GSTR-7 TDS Return under GST

Tax person liable to deduct Tax Deduction at source TDS under GST. It must file month return for tax deduct under GST in GSTR-7. And return will furnish in GSTR-7 by 10th of follow month.  Thus tax deduct certificate is issue by deductor to deductee through Form GSTR-7.

What is GSTR -7?

GSTR7 returns are file by tax deductor .GSTR-7 must be file by all persons register to deduct GST.  You need to file return and provide details of amount of TDS in return. When deductor pays TDS amount it get reflect into credit ledger of deductee.

How to file TDS return in form GSTR-7

TDS deductor must register without any limit. You have privilege of get registration under GST without requiring PAN. You can get Tax Deduction and Collection Account Number (TAN) issue under Income Tax Act, 1961.  You need to file in beginning year and month.

  • Access
  • Enter GSTIN No of deductor (16 digits GSTN No is mandatory for filing of GSTR-7)
  • After login to GST Portal, Taxable person will file return
  • Enter legal name as per TAN or PAN
  • Enter details of TDS. You must submit transaction details. Like GSTIN, contract details, and invoice details, Date of payment and Value on which TDS deduct. And separate details of TDS deducted on SGST, CGST & IGST.
  • You need to enter TDS details in respect of any earlier tax period. If there is any change in any entry of tax deduction.

How to submit return in Form GSTR-7

  • You need to enter details of TDS
  • And also enter detail of interest, late fee payable and amount paid under IGST/CGST/SGST.
  • Enter details of Refund claim from electronic cash ledger
  • Debit entry in electronic cash ledger for TDS payment. It will be auto settled after payment of tax and submission of return.
  • At end to GSTR-7 can be sign either via DSC or by Aadhar OTP verification.

Who to file GSTR-7

All people who have to deduct tax have to register by filing of Form GST REG-07.  GSTR-7 has to file by deductor every month using services of GSP or on GSTN servers. Only online return can be file through FORM GSTR-7. No paper return is allow.

TDS Certificate

TDS certificate is issue by deductor in Form GSTR-7A to deductee. And TDS is deducting within 5 days of amount credit to Government. If you fail you are liable to pay late fee of Rs 100 per day from expiry of 5th day till certificate is issue. This late fee will not be more than Rs. 5000. Tax deducts exclude Central, State, Union territory tax, show in invoice

How can deductee claim TDS amount

Every person who deducts tax under section 51 of CGST Act. You need to file TDS return in form GSTR-7 through the GST Portal Within ten days after end of month or before 10th of month.

GSTR-7 is file GST TDS details is available to deductee in Part C of GSTR-2A through GST portal. But amounts deduct by deductor get reflected in GSTR-2 of deductee. So that deductee can take input tax credit by GSTR-2. This input tax credit is credit to electronic cash ledger. Thus it can be use for tax payment, penalty, fee or any other amount.

Penalty for late filing of TDS returns

TDS not deducted you need to pay interest along with TDS amount. If you do not pay TDS amount before due date. As per law it will recover amount. Then you are liable to pay interest at specify rate. Payment made within 10 days from end of month. So, low penalty of Rs 10,000 given under Act.

You can see types of GST returns and due dates. Check application process under GST. For more details see offences and penalties under GST. It is simple process to file GSTR 7 form under new GST taxes. Apart from this you can check GST new tax rates.

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