GST tax payable for saddlery products, leather articles, articles of animal gut

Articles of leather, saddlery, handbags, articles of animal gut fall under HSN code chapter 42 of GST commodity tariff schedule. Changes on exemptions on GST on saddler products, animals gut and other articles are relates to GST. Write code for leather bags, handbags. Check for Rate Slab of GST for Slag, Ash and Ores in India

GST Rate for Suitcases & Travel Bags

GST will travel GST will travel goods like trunks, suit-cases, sports bag and other items where materials attracts 28% GST in India and falls under chapter 42.

  • Travel goods
  • Toilet bags and cases
  • Brief cases
  • Executive cases
  • Vanity cases
  • Attach cases

GST Rate for Handbags & Wallets

GST rate for handbags, jewellery boxes, wallets and vanity bags are arranged under Chapter 42.

GST HSN code 420221 falls under handbags, wallets and vanity bags. However 28% GST is available items under chapter 42.

Leather Jackets and Gloves

Leather jackets and gloves will classify under Chapter 42 of the HSN code. Articles of clothing like jackets and clothing accessories made out of leather attract 28% GST. Leather gloves, mittens and mitts made for use in sports attract 12% GST rate.

Leather gloves, mittens and mitts made for industrial use and other types of mittens attract 28% GST rate. And other articles of leather like aprons, semi-chrome grain garments and sofa covers attract 28% GST rate. You can find GST rate for more goods using India Filings GST Rate Finder


  • GST HSN code 4203 gloves specially design to use in sports


  • GST HSN code 4201 Saddlery and harness for any animal which includes traces, leads, knee pads, muzzles, saddle cloths, saddle bags, dog coats of any material.
  • GST HSN code 4202 suitcases, vanity-cases, executive-cases, spectacle cases, binocular cases, camera cases, musical instrument cases falls under this code
  • GST HSN code 4203 Articles of apparel and clothing accessories, and leather or of composition leather.
  • GST HSN code 4205 other articles of leather or of composition leather.
  • GST HSN code 4206 Articles of gut other than silk-worm gut

Finally, see GST code for suite-cases in India. Probably check for GST on handbags. But you need to see rate for leather, and also check for GST rate on leather goods. Furthermore, list out what is revised return under Income Tax.

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