GST Rate & HSN Code for Polymers, Polyethylene, Cellulose

Chapter 39 of HSN code contains polymers, polyethylene and cellulose. In this article you need to look for HSN code and GST rate for polymers. These monitor will help you to classify polymers and these articles will form polymers known as plastics. Is GST payable on Tea, Coffee and spices. You need to know GST on plastic raw materials 

Classifying polymers in primary forms

If you are introducing in primary forms you need to know chemical composition within polymer. Primary forms consists of liquids and pastes, lumps, powders.

Polymers are large molecules made from monomers and their parts are called as monomeric units. However, monomer a molecule or a compound which contains carbon and these are capable of changing to polymers. You can find many polymers which can exhibit different characters and properties. Polyvinyl chloride is used in building industry which uses in double glazing frames. You can see polypropylene and polyethylene terephthalate will use in manufacture of bottles.

GST rates of 18 per cent and 28 per cent of products will hit micro, small and medium enterprise. CPTMA proposes GST rates of 18 per cent and 28 per cent for plastic products which will setback to plastic industry

Plastic products are sold and value added tax ranging from 5 per cent to 14. 5 per cent. These products will attract GST rates of 18 per cent and 28 per cent

Plastic products will force small manufacturers to close their manufacturing activities under GST rates of 18 per cent and 28 per cent

GST is payable against supplies which falls under HSN 39 in India.


Plastic bangles

12% of GST Rate:

HSN code of GST 3923 comes under feeding bottles.

18 % GST Rate:

  • HSN GST code 3901 to GST HSN code 3913 falls under primary polymers
  • HSN GST code 3914 falls under Ion exchangers which bases on primary polymers
  • HSN GST code 3915 falls under waste, parings and scrap of plastics.
  • HSN GST code 3916 falls under plastic of cane which includes all goods
  • GST HSN code 3917 comes under tubes, pipes and hoses
  • GST HSN code 3919 falls under plates, sheets, film and foil of plastics.
  • GST HSN code 3923 tableware, house hold articles hygiene or toilet articles which comes under plastic.

28% GST Rate:

  • HSN GST code 3918 falls under floor covers made of plastic, walls or celling covers of plastic.
  • HSN GST code 3922 falls under baths, shower baths, sinks, wash basin, seats and cover similarly, sanitary ware of plastics
  • GST HSN code 3901 plastics and articles of other materials

Finally, polymers have HSN code. But you need to check code for polymers in GST. You can see GST rate of cellulose. Therefore check HSN code for Benefits to FMCG, auto and pharma companies

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