GST Rate & HSN Code for Cotton materials, Synthetics & Woven fabrics

Cotton materials and synthetics woven fabric fall under chapter -50. Information is below here about HSN codes are used for GST purpose to classify and set to install.  See HSN code for cotton under GST.

GST Rate for cotton

Cotton is falls under chapter -52 of HSN code. Thus, cotton and synthetic fiber has an opportunity. This will uniform rates in textile sector. But, goods are made out of cotton like Gandhi topi and Khadi yarn are exempt from GST.

And all other cotton goods are under 5%.  For better understanding you need to check for effects of GST on textiles. Check for GST payable on sale of plaiting materials of Vegetable.   

Indian textiles provide large number of skilled and unskilled workers. GST effects cotton value of textile industry. It includes all garments for men and women like shirts, trousers, sarees, shoes and more clothing materials. It has chosen by small enterprises. Hence, GST impact on readymade garments. Find below GST rates with HSN codes


  • Gandhi Topi falls under GST rate
  • Khadi yarn

Cotton goods attracting 5% GST RATE:

  • GST HSN code 5201, 5203 falls under Cotton
  • GST HSN 5202 falls under Cotton waste
  • GST HSN code 5204 comes under Cotton sewing thread
  • GST HSN code 5205, 5206, 5207 falls under Cotton yarn, other than khadi yarn
  • GST HSN code 5208, 5209, 5210, 5211, 5212 falls under Cotton fabrics  With no refund of ITC accumulation


Finally, see Impact of GST on textile Industry, HSN code for cotton materials. However, use HSN code for synthetics and woven fabrics. Need to follow rate of cotton materials and also for synthetic. Check for GST rate payable for wood tar oils

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