GST Rate and HSN Code for Cereals

This chapter on HSN Code contains GST tax rates on Cereals. And HSN code and GST rate for rice, wheat, barley and other cereals covered under chapter 10 of HSN code. But see GST rate on branded wheat flour. However, you can also see GST on basmati rice. Hence, see GST on branded wheat flour. Here you can know about GST HSN code for Edible grains.

Rate of GST on Cereals in India

Rise, Oats, Maize and millets falls under HSN code chapter 10 of GST. And these details about GST rate are charges for sale of Rice. Like Oat, millets and maize. However, in India GST rate are compulsory for sale of cereals. In addition, like Maize, Rice, and Oats etc. Hence, check How to apply for GST registration in India

Since, cereal industries fall under agriculture sectors. And GST tax is expected to be charged at minimum level. So, check out below for GST Rate and HSN Code for Edible Grains. Like Rice, Wheat, Barley, Jawar, Bazra & Maize etc.

Cereals taxed at NIL rate of GST

However, all cereals other than those put in container and bearing brand name is nil. In addition, Maize, Rice, Oats etc. are included in GST exemption list where in nil rate of GST is applicable. Below you can see Edible Grains with GST Rate & HSN Code.

GST HSN code 1001: Wheat and meslin

GST HSN code 1002:  Rye

GST HSN code 1003:  Barley

GST HSN code 1004:  Oats

GST HSN code 1005: Maize (corn)

GST HSN code 1006: Rice

GST HSN code 1007: Grain sorghum

GST HSN code 1008: millet and Buckwheat

Cereals taxed at 5 % rate of GST

But 5% tax only on branded cereals under trade mark law. And GST 5% will apply only on those branded cereals which are registered. Therefore others will remain exempted. However, GST rate of five per cent will not applicable to supply of goods unless brand name register. For more details How to file GST returns online in India

HSN Code 1001: meslin and Wheat

HSN Code 1002: Rye

HSN Code 1003: Barley

HSN Code 1004: Oats

HSN Code 1005: Maize

HSN Code 1006: Rice

HSN Code 1007: Sorghum Grain

HSN Code 1008: Buckwheat, millet and canary seed, other cereals such as jawar, bajra, ragi.

Finally, see GST on branded rice. Therefore check GST on branded pulses. And you can also view HSN code for pulses in GST. Hence, check HSN code of food grains and rice. To more details you can see HSN code for pulses and grams.

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