GST Rate and HSN Code for Vegetable Material & Products

HSN code chapter 14 Contains vegetables plaiting materials and vegetable products. But these products are not specified in other chapters. In this article, you look at HSN code and GST rate for all items. And all these items under chapter 14 of HSN code system. Hence, check GST rate chat. Moreover, see HSN code list.

GST payable on sale of plaiting materials of Vegetable

However, commodities fall under chapter 14 of HSN codes are Bamboos, Rattans, and Other Vegetable. In addition, like Plaiting Materials like Reed, Rushes, Osier, Raffia, Straw Etc., kapok etc.  Probably, other vegetable materials are used as stuffing or padding. But in some countries there is not GST for most of above plaiting materials.

GST scheduled rate on Vegetable materials used for plaiting business

Thus, in India GST on sale of vegetable plaiting is expected to be charged with minimum rate of GST. And below details explain about GST slab rate on vegetable materials used for plaiting. But it falls under GST HSN code number 1401.

However, this chapter does not cover follow products which are classified in Section XI. Also, this HSN chapter does not apply to chip wood and wood wool. In addition, like prepared knots or tufts for broom or brush making.

GST exemption

HSN code 14049040- Leaves of Betel

5% GST Rate

However, HSN code Vegetable plaiting materials and vegetable products not elsewhere specified. Hence, you can find below description of goods with HSN codes.

Vegetable are use for plaiting (rattans, reeds, rushes, osier, raffia, bamboos, cleaned, bleached or lime bark and dyed cereal straw) – HSN code 1401

HSN code 1404-Vegetable products not specified or included elsewhere (cotton linters, Soap nuts, Hard seeds, pips, hulls and nuts, of  kind used primarily for carving, coconut shell, unworked, Rudraksha seeds; other than Betel leaves and Indian katha.

GST rate of 18%

Indian katha – HSN Code 14049050

Finally, check tariff rates in GST. Therefore you can also see commodity rate in GST. And to know more details see GST tariff rates in India. Probably, check GST rate list product wise. Hence, for better understand GST rates and HSN codes.

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