GST helps in reducing truck travel time

Goods and Services Tax or as people know it GST has been in news even before authorities implemented it in India. And now after introducing GST / Goods and Services Tax in India there have been many changes. Here one of these changes is in truck travel time. If you do not have idea of this then keep reading to know benefits of GST on owners of trucks and other people related to them.

Benefits of GST

Well in fact before introduction of GST trucks used to take a lot of time to cover long distances. It is so because earlier trucks used to cover only up to 225 km in one day. This time included many check gates in different cities (or you can say state borders and highways).

However because of introduction of this GST tax these different Sales Tax and Inter State Check Gates decreased. As a result now it takes less time to cover distances. This is the reason that many people are happy; about introduction of Goods and Services Tax.

On other hand you may know what will be effect of GST in education sector and whether it will benefit common people or no.

Decrease in travel time

You can now see that before GST trucks used cover about 225 km in a single day. But due to GST now there is almost an increase of 100 km in a day. Thus now a days trucks are generally covering a distance of 300 to 325 kms on an average.

If this situation continues then many people in market will benefit. Such a system will especially help truck operators and they are in most benefit category of GST. On other hand truck operators would have to look for some quick upgrades. In this way they will have many advantages over others.

Even tyre industry is hoping to see some advantages with decrease in travel time for trucks. There are many reasons to back this statement. While one of them is that if travel distance of trucks increase then life of tyre is affected. Whereas before you take any final decisions you should wait for some more time before finalising as to what will be effects of GST in this industry.

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