How to file revised return online, ITR rectification request procedure

5th August 2017 is deadline to file Income Tax Returns and this is extended last date for you to file IT Returns. So if you did not file ITR then you can e file your tax returns by 5 August. On other hand there is option for Income Tax Return Rectification Request also. On this page you learn steps for raising this request at official site.

What is revised return under Income Tax?

There is revised return in Income Taxes and this is one of the important things that you should know. As it is under filing revised return of Income Tax under Section 139 (5). Generally assessee files revised return of Income Tax.

And it is only before expiry of one year that is before Relevant Assessment Year ends. Or it can even be before assessment completes. While authorities count as to whichever is before.

Reason for filing revised return of Income Tax under Section 139 (5)

There is one important reason for people or tax payers to file revised return of income tax u / s 139 (5). Let us say you filed ITR before due date of filing Returns under Section 139 (1). And you got to know that there is mistake in filing IT Returns then you use this option.

Authorities name it as e file ITR rectification or even revised return of income tax. Besides you must specify all details correctly. While it is necessary for you to follow proper procedure to know how to make ITR rectification request.

Know why should you meet 5 August deadline to file ITR.

Steps to file revised return online

  • If you wish to file revised return or correct your Income Tax Return you first go to official site of IT Department (online)
  • You may click on site to go to official website
  • Next you log in to site
  • And to directly go to official site to log in you click link
  • At log in page enter User ID, password, captcha code and click log in tab
  • You then go to your account dashboard
  • From dashboard you click on ‘e file’ drop down tab
  • And from that you must select ‘rectification’ option
  • In the next step you select ‘assessment year’
  • You also select ‘return that is to be rectified’
  • Further you enter ‘latest communication reference number’
  • Example for this reference number is CPC / 0001 / T1 / 0123456789
  • Finally you click on ‘validate’ tab

Further steps to correct ITR

After authorities validate or after verification of acknowledgement number is over you should specify ‘rectification request type’. You find this tab below PAN, assessment year, prior communication reference number and prior e filing acknowledgment number.

Apart from this you must specify reason for rectification or clarification. You may even select this reason for correction. There is option for people / tax payers to select any four of these options. This is also maximum number of options that you can select from. Therefore you have to be careful when you are selecting these reasons.

There are also about 21 reasons for rectification process and there is last option ‘others’ as well. Besides there are some cases when you find some more sub options after selecting options from list.


In case you select ‘No further data correction required. Reprocess the case’ then you have two more options. One of them is Tax Credit Mismatch while other one is Tax / Interest Mismatch.

Here you select checkbox which requires re processing. Later you click ‘Click here to view 26 AS details’ and ‘Click here to view Tax Credit Mismatch details’. These tabs help you to check 26 AS and Tax Credit Mismatch details.

When you think that every thing is okay then you click ‘submit’ button. Later you click ‘ok’ as this submits your rectification request. Therefore it is very simple process that you follow to correct your ITR returns application.

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