How to file GSTR-8 for E-Commerce Companies

GSTR-8 Filing for E-Commerce Companies. There are separate for GST return file for E -commerce operators. Here are details about GSTR 8. GST Tax Collection at Source is similar to GST TDS or Tax Deduction at Source. You can see GST rate for all goods and services.

What is GSTR 8?

Tax at source (TCS) is to collect by every e-commerce operator under GST.  This will furnish statement in form GSTR 8 form through common portal.  This return contains supplies details and tax collect as require under GST law.

E-commerce operators provide details of supplies. And amount of tax collect at source in GSTR-8 form.  GSTR-8 must be filed within 10 days from end of tax period. You can learn how to file GSTR-1

What is due date for GSTR-8 file?

GSTR-8 filing is due on 10th of each month for e-commerce operators. Who register for tax collection at source? GSTR-8 filing can be done online through GST Common Portal. GSTR-8 file e-commerce operators also require filing an Annual Statement of Tax Collected at Source on or before 31st December of every financial year.

E-Commerce under GST

Electronic Commerce is defined under Section 2(44) of CGST Act, 2017. It supply of goods or services both digital products. E-commerce operates policy for electronic commerce. Also, operator under GST law furnish in form GSTR 8. It is available to concern tax person in Part D of Form GSTR 2 A through GST portal. Such tax person includes same in his GSTR-2.

GST has set up concept of Tax Collection at Source for E-Commerce operators. Every E-commerce operator need to collect Tax at source from payment made to their sellers selling goods or services through portals operate by them.

GST Registration for Tax Collection at Source (TCS)

GST registration is mandatory for both e-commerce operators and persons supplying goods or services through an e-commerce operator. Hence, both types of taxable persons want to get GST registration to start business.

What is GST annual return (GSTR8)?

All taxpayers need to submit annual return under this return intended to provide complete visionary.

  • It will be detail return and will capture details of all income and expenditure of taxpayer. And will regroup them in accordance with monthly returns.
  • Main advantage of this return is to provide opportunity to correct for any short report of activities undertaken supply wise.
  • In this return auditors information will submitted
  • In this return all transaction will bifurcate within goods and services. This bifurcation must match with HSN/SAC code given by assessee for month or quarter return.
  • This total annual returns information will be match by department

You have to file all return applicable under GST. You have to upload details of sales and purchase along with monthly return. See GSTR-1 filing process. You can also know about enrollment process for GST tax

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