File GSTR 1 till October: GST Council

GST Council extended last date to file GST Returns till 10 October 2017 while earlier last date to file GST returns was 10th September 2017 only. But October 10 as last date is only for the small businesses as large businesses must file Goods and Services Tax returns by 3 October 2017 only.

Simple process to file GSTR

Government of India made complete process simple for filing Goods and Services Taxes returns. And this is the reason that you can file GSTR 3 B till December of this year. To clarify doubts of people Hasmukh Adhia, Revenue Secretary said that last date to file GSTR 1 is October 3 but this date is only for companies whose turnover is Rs. 100 crore or more than that.

On other hand you can file GSTR 2 by 31st October whereas GSTR 3 last filing date is November 10. The Revenue Secretary also said that people can correct TRAN 1 form without any trouble. Whereas for August month return filing date of GSTR 1, 2 and 3 will be announced later.

Change of GST rates

As you know we have already stated that there is change in cess charges on luxury cars. While this change is specifically for the sports utility vehicles, mid and large size cars and SUVs. Even there has been modification in GST cess on luxury cars as earlier cess was 15 % but now cess is 25 %.

Cut of GST rates

There has been cut in GST rates of broom, walnuts, rubber bands, clay idols, custard powder, corduroy fabric, idly – dosa batter, raincoat, sari fall, table and kitchenware, computer monitors, prayer beads and dhoop batti. In addition to this there will be no GST when you buy khadi from KVIC out lets.

Even there is no GST on clay idols thus helping people in the end. GST Council also plans to set up a review committee. This committee is only for checking GSTN function and Mr. Arun Jaitley, Finance Minister of India also specifically said that this committee will be helpful in future.

It is so because GSTN review committee will be checking all things carefully before taking any final decision. Apart from this Chairman of GST Council Finance Minister of India Arun Jaitley added that council of GST is simplifying rules for all people. Therefore in this way people will not have a problem to file GST returns.

In order to help you further you can read another article that clearly states rules to follow when filing GST returns online. These rules will help all tax payers to file GSTR. You also can learn step by step process of filing all types of GST returns on this site as well. Finally you check carefully all rules before you file GSTR online.

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