How to file GSTR 1 at GST portal

You file GST returns under Goods and Services Tax which Government of India introduced on 1 July 2017. Moreover according to GST rules you file 16 different forms. And to help you with filing of these GST returns we gave list of instructions below. Only thing you must do is follow these instructions on filing GSTR 1 return form.

What is GSTR 1 return?

GSTR 1 is Statement of Outward Supplies. It is tax liability of supplier for supplies. And it is only for supplies of previous month. There are some things that you need to know here.


You must file GSTR 1 form by 10th of every month. While this filing of GST is for supplies of previous month only. Let us now say that you file statement of outward supplies for August 2017 by 10th September 2017 and this process continues every month.

In this way you file GSTR 1 form for every month. However in order to file Goods and Services Tax Returns 1 form you should follow some rules. Below you can check this list of rules that you follow during filing process.

Steps to file GSTR 1 online

  • First you go to official GST portal
  • To go to official Goods and Services Tax portal you click on –
  • From there you click on log in option
  • To log in you enter your user name and password
  • Finally click on log in option


In case you do not know about GST enrolment then you can read another article. This article helps you with GST enrolment process at GST portal.

How to file GST return form 1

Once you successfully log in at official GST portal then you go to dashboard. From there you click ‘Service Menu’. In next step you click on ‘Returns’. Once you select this option you directly go to GST returns page.

You then select particular GST form for filing Goods and Services Tax Returns. This however depends on the time you are filing returns. When you select file you follow below listed instructions.

What to write in Form GSTR 1

As you know GSTR 1 is form for details of outward supplies of goods and services. In this form you add information such as –

  • Year, month
  • Legal name of registered person, trade name if available
  • Aggregate turnover in previous Financial Year
  • And aggregate turnover that is from April to June

After you finish above details you mention taxable outward supplies, inter state supplies, zero rated supplies, deemed exports, nil rated, exempted or non GST outward supplies. You also mention changes to supplies, statements of advances, HSN summary and documents. In this way you fill GSTR 1 form. To get this form you click on official link –

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