GST or Goods and Services Tax in India

GST is one tax for one nation. And that is what Government of India said. Besides GST full form is Goods and Services Tax which applies in India. In addition GST tax replaces many Central and State Government taxes. In this website you know different things about GST such as how to register for GST online. You also understand process of how to file GST returns online.

What is GST India?

GST or Goods and Services Tax is now important tax in India. As many people know Government of India implemented GST in India on 1st July 2017. And as a result GST merged or combined multiple taxes in to one tax. That is also the reason for it to be one tax one nation. In addition because there is change in taxes you must have idea of GST filing returns. Even idea of GST registration is plus point.

Guide to GST taxes in India

This website on GST is only guide to Goods and Services Tax in India. Further you go to official GST site to file GST returns. However at our site of GST you know complete details of what is GST? What is use of GST? How to file GST returns? What is GST registration?  Who should file GSTR? And many other similar questions.

In this website you find that we gave detailed description on all topics. You also have knowledge of different GST tax slab rates. While these GST slab rates affect many products. So if you check carefully then you know that there is difference in prices of commodities and other things.

This is also one cause for difference in taxes before and after GST implementation. That is why we in all articles in this site listed in detail all things very clearly.

Importance of GST in India

GST or Goods and Services Tax is biggest indirect tax reform. In addition it provides a simple way for indirect taxation in this country. And because of GST taxes only different taxes are not there from now. While earlier there were taxes such as Service Tax, VAT (Value Added Tax), Entry tax, Excise Duty, CAD, Purchase tax and SAD or Special Additional Duty etc.

Indian Government made GST so that economy of India grows. And there will be positive effect on GDP of India. Below you check importance or advantages of GST.

What are advantages of GST?

  • There will be unified or one indirect tax system
  • GST replaces multiple taxes such as Value Added Tax or VAT, Excise Duty, Purchase tax, CAD, Service tax, Entry tax, Special Additional Duty / SAD and CST etc
  • Tax system is now simple to understand
  • There will also be decrease in manufacturing cost

Topics that we cover in Guide to GST site

Below you can check some topics that we cover in this site –

  • What is GST? Understand Goods and Services Tax India
  • Who needs GST registration in India 2017
  • How to apply for GST registration in India 2017
  • New GST tax rates before and after GST 2017
  • What is GSTIN number registration format?
  • Process to enrol in different categories for tax payers with Provisional ID and password
  • GST enrolment of existing tax payer having Provisional ID, password
  • Types of GST returns in India 2017
  • How to file GST returns online in India

Finally you can take help of these procedures to continue your process at official GST website. As here you get steps to file GST returns or even you know how to enrol for GST registration.