How to file GSTR 3 application form online

Government of India introduced GST or Goods and Services Tax on 1 July 2017. Also because of GST tax people see that there are many changes in filing of taxes in India. Basically there are 10 types of GST Return types that you must file in one year. To help you here we brought out list of GSTR forms and process of filing GST returns online. In this article you learn how to file GSTR 3 and who can file GSTR 3. You also come to know last date to file Goods and Services Tax Returns 3.

Define GSTR 3

First of all you may have one doubt and it is as to what is GSTR 3 and how does it link to Goods and Services Tax filing. Well, GSTR 3 is third form in list of GSTR applications. Besides this form is for ‘monthly return for normal tax payers’ only. So if you are registered tax payer then only you file GSTR 3. There is also last date to file this tax.

Deadline for filing GSTR 3

Last date to file GSTR 3 is 20 of next month. Hence you file GSTR 3 by next 20th that is of upcoming month. Here you also remember that only registered people are eligible to file GSTR 3 form. Additionally there are certain rules before generation of Goods and Services Tax Returns 3 happens.

First is that you file GSTR 1 within deadline. Second you also must file GSTR 2 within due date. In case you do not file these two returns in time then you follow some other procedure along with paying fine for not filing GSTR on time.

Finally when you file both GSTR 1 and GSTR 2 then GSTR 3 generates. Apart from these rules there are many other rules that you should know. Now you keep reading this article to know more about it.

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Important facts about GSTR 3

  • In GSTR 3 application form there are many terms used. In following sentences you find full forms of these terms –
  • TDS stands for Tax Deducted at Source
  • While TCS means Tax Collected at Source and
  • There is GSTIN whose meaning is Goods and Services Tax Identification Number
  • In case you file GSTR 3 without discharging liability then it is not a valid return
  • You may claim refund from cash ledger only when liabilities that relate to return are discharged. Moreover this applies only to that particular tax period

Other things to remember about GSTR 3

  • This is for real time information updates; while it is only for Input Tax Credit ledger, Liability ledger and Cash ledger
  • Payment of ITC or Input Tax Credit and taxes such as CGST, IGST, SGST along with Cess would auto populate
  • This auto populate is from debit entry in cash or credit ledger
  • Finally GST Return 3 has one field
  • This helps tax payer to take forward ITC balance

How to file GSTR 3 returns online

Filing GSTR 3 process is a simple procedure that you must follow. But you should see to it that you file GSTR 3 return in proper manner otherwise you may face some issues in future. Below you find complete procedure for filing GSTR 3 form.

Method to File GSTR 3 returns online

  • For filing GSTR 3 returns you go to official Goods and Services Tax site
  • And to go there you click on –
  • This link takes you to official site directly
  • On official GST portal you find auto populated details
  • It is so because authorities pick details from GSTR 1 and GSTR 2 returns that you filed earlier
  • Most importantly you pay required amount towards GSTR 3 return so that you file Goods and Services Tax Returns 3


You must wait till 20 of next month to file GSTR 3. As by then auto population of 3rd return under GST happens. In addition after 20th you get Form GSTR MIS 1; you get this form when authorities match outward supplies that supplier submits with inward supplies.

Hence you now know complete process to file Goods and Services Tax Returns 3. On other hand you can know more about extension of last date to file GST returns.

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