GST tax & HSN Code for Chocolate & Cocoa Products

In India, Chocolate industry is going to take high tax rate of 28%. Therefore chocolate products that are going to enjoy high price are chocolates. Like chewing gum, custard powder and waffles contain chocolates. But government imports more than half of its cocoa bean food. To meet huge demand of cocoa. But you can see GST portal HSN code. Therefore see GST on candy. Hence, for more details GST on sweets.

Chocolate industry will take biggest GST bite

However, product chocolate and other food preparations contain Cocoa is classify by code 1806 under chapter 18. In addition, Chewing gum, bubble gum and white chocolate, not contain cocoa are taxed at 28% under GST. And Molasses is also taxed at 28%. Hence, see how to file GST returns online in India

There are some major challenges for Indian farmers to grow cocoa beans in fields. But products like cocoa beans need training and knowledge to grow according to current industry standards. Probably, chocolate industry has high tax slab among 5, 12, 18, 28 percent tax brackets.

Therefore, decision for keeping chocolate products under high tax slab will affect entire industry. However, price of chocolate-based products is going to increase with industry growing. And Cocoa and Cocoa products GST percent is cover under chapter 18 of HSN code. You can find below GST tax bracket with HSN code.

5% Tax bracket

Cocoa beans whole or broken, raw or roasted-HSN code 1801

Cocoa shells, husks, skins and other cocoa waste- HSN code 1802

Cocoa paste if not de-fatted- HSN code 1803

28% Tax bracket

Cocoa, fat and oil – HSN code 1804

Cocoa powder, not contain sugar – HSN code 1805

Chocolates and other food prepares contain cocoa- HSN code 1806.

Finally, check GST on chocolate bars. Moreover, you can see GST on chocolates. And also see tax on chocolate before GST. But you can check chocolate GST tax. Hence, for more details see GST on dairy milk. Probably, check GST tax slabs rates

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