How to file GSTR 2 return form, GSTR filing last date

GST or Goods and Services Tax in India is one of the biggest tax reforms to happen in the history of India. This also happens to be the reason that Government of India listed out all GST returns forms in details. Besides this Indian Government specifically indicated last date to file GSTR forms online. In order to help you here we gave process to file GSTR 2 form.

What is GSTR 2 form under Goods and Services Tax India?

GSTR is short form for Goods and Services Tax Returns. Moreover in India there are about 16 GSTR forms that companies or individuals have to file. While GSTR 2 form is one of Goods and Services Tax Returns forms. According to Indian Government and GST Council GSTR 2 is form for details of inward supplies of Goods or Services.

GST law specifies that every taxable person must first register for GST. It is so because only after formal GST registration tax payers can pay taxes under new GST tax laws. On other hand GSTR 2 is for ‘return for inward supplies’.

For this form buyers enter all details from 12 to 15 of every month. So you can say that filing GSTR 2 form is 5 days from filing GSTR 1. You should also take care of the fact that you file GSTR before last date because if you do not follow GST guidelines then you may have problem. One of them is that you must pay penalty if you do not file GSTR 2 within time.

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Terms that are in GSTR 2 form

  • GSTIN full form is Goods and Services Tax Identification Number
  • Additionally here UIN is for Unique Identity Number
  • Whereas UQC means Unit Quantity Code
  • HSN meaning is Harmonized System of Nomenclature
  • For Place of Supply that is for particular state POS is the word
  • In the form B to B means from one registered person to second registered person
  • Finally B to C means from registered person to an unregistered person

Steps to file GSTR 2 form

  • To file Form GSTR 2 you first go to official website of GST portal
  • You may click on to go to official site
  • From there you log in with registered user ID and password
  • After you log in you go to dashboard
  • From there you click ‘service menu’
  • Next you click ‘returns’
  • From here you are directed to GST return page
  • At this home page you select one of the process for filing GSTR 2 form and continue with the process

Thus it is quite simple process to file GSTR 2 form under new GST taxes. Apart from this you can check GST new tax rates if you do not know.

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